A Fantastic Food Trip At Sarafa Bazar, Indore With Minimal Spending? Here’s How

Indore is shortlisted by the Ministry of Urban Development as one of the 100 cities under Smart City Mission and Sarafa is one of the market in indore which remains as a jewelry marketplace at daytime and converts itself into a street food court in the dark .
Due to its location and an outsized number of commuters and tourists, street food vendors started putting stalls and selling fast-food, snacks and chaat. Eventually, street food vendors were allowed to place stalls after 8 PM (after jewellery market closes) until morning. Sarafa is additionally the place of origin of Bada Sarafa Cotton Association.

1. GARADU - Rs. 20/-

The delicious and mouthwatering Indore special Garadu chaat is enjoyed by all.
Indore special Garadu chaat is a good option when you want to cook something different. It is an amazing dish which is liked by people of all age groups. The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of Indore special Garadu chaat.


Cool, Funky, very tasty, innovative & very visually appealing are words that come to mind while describing potatoes spiral

These r far better than the ever present french-fried potatoes & potato wedges. Very soft inside with a crunchy outer layer, a really chatpata spice powder that remotely reminds u of something sort of a maggi masala a swirl of potato deep fried on an extended skewer stick.


Sawaria Chaat start operating after 8:00 in evening and you’ve got to figure really hard to urge a plate of tikki with cholle. The tikki was nice and tasty. The price is also very reasonable about 50-70 rupees per plate. Double tikki with cholle is the dish that should be tried.

They make the simplest Aaloo Tikki within the town. BUT to satisfy your taste buds and tikki cravings you’ll need to wait till night as they dont operate within the morning. They dont have the other outlet within the city.

Try special tikki with cheese and mayo.. its AWESOME.. Anyone whom I have taken to their outlet has never had tikki every again any other place and have also taken their friends to this outlet from other outlets.. 🙂

If you have had their tikki once you can never be satisfied anywhere else!

4. RABRI MALPUA - Rs. 50/-

The shop of Shri Bhairavnath Misthan Bhandar. they’re famous for serving appetite from last 70 years. they need big variety of Indian dessert like shrikhand, malpua, gulab jamun and far more. I jumped for my favourite Malwai dish Rabdi Malpua.

The taste was really balanced, the malpua( Indian Pancake) had a crunch and therefore the rabri (Indian concentrated milk) added the sweetness. Overall I loved the plate of appetite .

5. COCONUT CRUSH - Rs. 50/-

Though a touch unusual to seek out coconut in interior parts of the country like Indore but this drink blew my mind away. Made with tender coconut milk & coconut or malai churned during a mixie with sugar and crushed ice, this was one refreshing drink for a hot summer evening.

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